Life is Journey

Life is a journey.
Traveling to different cities, meeting different people,
and collecting only the things you love, one by one.
That's the answer I found in my long journey.

Staple items that make for a comfortable everyday life and items that travel with each season.
A quality product, used with care for a long time.
A brand that collects only the things we really like.
In a world where there are so many inexpensive things,
The target audience is women who take pleasure in gradually increasing the "real thing" that they can use forever.

The finest cashmere and linen,
Use silk and other natural materials every day
Basic items for living comfortably and
Be yourself wherever you are
We are developing a range of items that you will want to take with you on your travels.

Creative Director


She has worked as a stylist in a wide range of genres including advertising, commercials and magazines. Her elegant and edgy styling, which always leads the times and brings out the individuality and charm of women, is a must for actresses and celebrities. He has received tremendous support from models and artists. In addition, he has directed and collaborated with fashion brands and jewelry brands, etc. In 2013, he launched his own brand, "Travel", which is based on the theme of "Travel". 'MYLAN' offers a fine lifestyle for adults; jewelry to debut in June 2019 He became the director of the SURYA brand.